Welcome to OCTFOLIO,

OCTFOLIO is an online compliance platform for management of survey records, registers and compliance documentation.

We look at hazardous material and built asset compliance differently!

OCTFOLIO gives you more time for the important stuff by streamlining your asbestos compliance requirements.

NO… flicking through piles of paper … access your data anywhere, anytime

Several years of asbestos surveys cluttering up your office or your network drive? Get your own private compliance database in the cloud. Store all your surveying records, asbestos registers, and other compliance documentation in one convenient searchable location.

NO… missing pages or outdated registers … on demand digital register generation

Have you ever received a call from a contractor in a panic because they cannot find the register or there are pages missing? This a thing of the past with digital asbestos and compliance registers. Registers are automatically updated and are always available to view online or offline using any modern mobile device.

NO… manually updating registers … electronic data capture feeds directly into registers

Only supplied non-editable PDF files of your survey results? Now your surveys records and images are captured directly into your own system, meaning that the second asbestos is confirmed the record will be published into the register. You have complete control over the layout of the registers and they can be dynamically formatted to suit you not all of your contractor’s other customers.

What our customers are saying about OCTFOLIO:

OCTFOLIO gives clear records to staff, the public and contractors on where asbestos and other hazardous materials are located within our assets. This has helped us in reducing unexpected incidents and allows for planned maintenance to be undertaken without issue.
- Northern Territory Department of Education

NO… missed review dates … electronic notification systems

Relying on your contractors to remind you of upcoming audits? Key dates are monitored around the clock and notifications are automatic giving you opportunity to forecast, allocate budgets and schedule contractors. This same workflow automation can be used to enable automated risk profiling with live alerts and real time feedback to staff or external contractors.

NO… headaches distributing registers … physical labels and digital distribution points

Tired of having to keep hundreds of printed registers updated, filed and ready for distribution at no notice? Contractors can have direct read-only access to an asbestos register on site from their smartphone using our coded label technology. No need to distribute paper, no more uncontrolled versions left lying around your organisation. What makes this even better is your ability to track which registers have been used!

NO… extra hardware or administration costs … all covered by your monthly investment

Don’t like being held up by the speed of your organisation’s IT department? Software as a service requires no on-site server. This means no need to engage organisational IT! It is accessible anywhere on any device, has no server costs, no base platform software costs, and no need to worry about backups. We take care of all of that as well as provide technical support and ongoing maintenance in a single monthly fee.

Want to say NO to one or more of these management headaches…