Report Management

For most large-scale asset portfolios, the most significant cost attributed to the management of asbestos is the cost of paying a consulting firm to prepare and update the asbestos registers and asbestos management plans for each individual address/site. Having worked as asbestos auditing consultants for many years, the OCTFOLIO management team understands how this billing process works, and have specifically developed the OCTFOLIO mobile application to help drive down the cost of compliance for the asset owner.


Using our dedicated compliance data capture mobile application, organisations can provide the licensed hazardous material assessors with their own devices, with specifically customised data entry fields that increase the consultants efficiency by up to 75% whilst on site conducting inspections. Once the field data has been entered, the software automatically generates the report that has been specifically customised by the organisation, in-turn reducing the cost of inspection programs by hundreds of thousands of dollars.


This automated report generation technology also eliminates the potential for human error and data entry mistakes by optionally  providing the consultants with a series of drop down lists to select from whilst conducting the inspections. This ensures the accuracy and continuity of the hazardous material related information, particularly with regard to identified risks and management recommendations.


Currently supported Report Management:

  • Provide tools for managing reports, including parameter driven reports
  • On-line functions utilising drill-down capabilities, select options, and pull-down menus
  • Provide reporting portal capability
  • Provide standard reports in each module
  • Generation of user-defined report templates ¬†on live compliance data
  • Provide Business Intelligence capability to enhance decision making by allowing users to create exception reports
  • Be capable of producing electronic output for extraction to desktop systems (for example, Excel, Word)
  • Support the use of external Business Intelligence tools for analysing data and to enhance decision making