Maintenance Management

When a contractor or any maintenance personnel attend a site that has identified asbestos containing materials present, the law states that they must be provided a copy of the asbestos register and management plan where necessary. A common mistake building owners make, is that they simply show the contractor the register and then allow the contractor to conduct works in the building.


A very important step that is missing here is the fact that the building owner must show the contractor the asbestos register.


When the contractor signs the restricted access permit, what this means is that the building owner or manager has effectively discharged their legal obligations onto the contractor. As a result, if the contractor then drills into asbestos and contaminates the building, the building owner/manager has legal evidence of the fact that they discharged the obligations onto the contractor, and therefore they can hold the contractor legally responsible for all associated costs of remediation.


The building owner/manager also has evidence of liability for any future claims of asbestos exposure and any legacy asbestos compensation claims that may result.
Currently supported Maintenance Management:

  • Record works undertaken in areas where asbestos containing material has been confirmed, or is presumed, to exist
  • Record dates and details of surveys of asbestos containing material
  • Track contractor access to Registers
  • Work requests