Document Management

When managing large asset portfolios with hundreds of asbestos audits, the volume of documentation that is collected annually can be very overwhelming. It is the case that for an asset portfolio with 1,000 assets, the number of asbestos-related documents created in just one year can be far in excess of 20,000 individual documents. This is not including the associated financial records which, when combined with asbestos site documentation, increase this number yet again.


The OCTFOLIO Hazardous Material Information Management Software provides a single central online database that captures all of this documentation.


Currently supported Document Management:

  • Automate business processes and maintain high data quality standard
  • Provide visibility into all data access activities to enable departments to fulfil their regulatory obligations
  • Centrally controlled administrative function
  • Allow electronic documents to be captured and registered in the department’s records management system
  • Allow documents to be captured and stored electronically against a record in the database