Compliance Management

Contrary to what many people think, or what sales people may tell you, if your organisation manages the detailed documentation and information relating to asbestos management correctly, you do not have to update all of your asbestos registers annually. The law states under Chapter 8, Section 426 – Review of asbestos register: that a person with management or control of a workplace where an asbestos register is kept must ensure that the register is reviewed and as necessary revised if:


(a) the asbestos management plan is reviewed under clause 430, or
(b) further asbestos or ACM is identified at the workplace, or
(c) asbestos is removed from, or disturbed, sealed or enclosed at, the workplace


Maximum penalty:


(a) in the case of an individual—$3,600, or
(b) in the case of a body corporate—$18,000


As a result, if the maintenance contractors and ‘Restricted Access Permitting’ process is managed correctly using the OCTFOLIO Hazardous Material Information Management Software, the software will automatically detect which asbestos registers require updating, and will automatically schedule and manage the re-inspection process for you! The software also intelligently detects sites with a moderate or high level of risk, and notifies management of recommended management strategies depending on the type and condition of the asbestos containing materials.


Currently supported Compliance Management:

  • Operational guidelines compliance monitoring
  • Breach management processes
  • Compliance documents can be attached
  • Compliance reporting procedures
  • Record survey details, including surveyor information, access details and survey date
  • Business driven work-flow for compliance management
  • Record sample taken details including date and location of sample, laboratory details and sample results
  • Upload and retrieve survey reports in relation to their own assets
  • Record asbestos management plan at a facility level
  • Record an asbestos inspection onsite (remote access – mobility)
  • Interface to capture/manage/control sample data from external systems (laboratories)
  • Friable / Non-Friable ACM details
  • Calculate a risk rating using system attributes