Asset Management

Every organisation that has a significant asset portfolio has an asset management software solution such as Maximo, Microsoft Dynamics AX, or TRIRIGA. With this in mind, the OCTFOLIO Hazardous Material Information Management Software has been developed with a very simple Application Programming Interface (API) that allows for the seamless integration with whatever asset management software solution your company is currently using.


In addition, OCTFOLIO Hazardous Material Information Management Software allows for the logical partitioning of asset information including asset numbers, equipment numbers, life-cycle information, inspection and audit workflows and much more.


Currently supported Asset Management:

  • Have the flexibility to represent asset relationships in a hierarchical structure to at least seven levels
  • Allow variations in asset hierarchy within each department
  • Maintain a central register of core built environment asset data, including location
  • Record organisation / department (building and /or site owner)
  • Logical partitioning of built asset information by Department (Owner)
  • Record building including number of floors and sqm area
  • Record asbestos containing material (ACM) and it’s recorded locations
  • Record building improvement and remediation works
  • Record building construction type
  • Record signage and labelling of asbestos to components/buildings
  • Upload and retrieve building condition assessment data