Asbestos Management

In Australia and New Zealand, asbestos management is a serious legal issue for all commercial businesses. In accordance with the regulations there are a significant number of legal obligations placed on persons with management or control of workplaces including but not limited to:

  • Identifying the asbestos within workplaces
  • Indicating the presence of asbestos at the workplace
  • Preparing and maintaining an asbestos register at the workplace
  • Reviewing and updating the asbestos register
  • Making the asbestos register accessible to all persons

The OCTFOLIO Hazardous Material Information Management Software provides a centrally-located user interface in the form of a web portal that allows users to easily manage and comply with the asbestos regulations. By using our intuitive software solution, persons in control of a business or undertaking such as asset managers, and business owners are able to manage all of their compliance obligations with a few simple clicks of a button.


Based on the intelligent and extremely detailed level of reporting and functionality, the OCTFOLIO Hazardous Material Information Management Software also allows building owners and managers to save significant time and resources by eliminating the need to undertake costly annual reviews of asbestos registers and lengthy asbestos inspection programs.


Currently supported Asbestos Management:

  • Maintain details of in situ asbestos containing materials (ACM) include location
  • Record physical state, type, and status of ACM
  • Manage asset condition, including defects and repairs
  • Record the removal and disposal of asbestos containing material including date and location
  • Record sample taken details including date and location of sample, laboratory details and sample results
  • Upload and retrieve survey reports in relation to their own assets
  • Record asbestos management plans
  • Record an hazardous material inspections in real time using the mobile application
  • Interface to capture/manage/control sample data from external systems (laboratories)
  • Friable / Non-Friable ACM details
  • Calculate a risk rating using system attributes