Field Data Collection

The days of just using a hand-held tablet with a very basic data collection application are in the past. The client-server model used in computer-assisted field data collection systems relies on predefined interaction rules and data sources. Although this system design largely reflects existing technologies when the design was adopted, it also mirrors the structured nature of survey data collection.


The OCTFOLIO Hazardous Material Information Management Software presents enterprises with an alternative model that augments the client-server setting with an infrastructure that enables more flexible access to a broader suite of information resources. Under this paradigm, an OCTFOLIO field user such as a qualified asbestos assessor or a site foreman may take advantage of digital repositories prepared for data collection, as well as other relevant information resources.


By having the ability to mandate field data collection and automated reporting organisations can significantly reduce the cost of compliance inspection programs. Not only that, the use of pre-defined drop down fields and platform-based data collection mechanisms dramatically speeds up the collection of information on site and reduces the potential for human data entry errors.