Automated Reporting

When you are managing a large-scale asset portfolio, asbestos inspection programs can be extremely costly. Not only do you have to engage suitably qualified assessors to conduct the on-site inspections such as asbestos, until recently you also had to pay the assessors to prepare the register and accompanying management plan for each site inspected.


The OCTFOLIO Hazardous Material Information Management Software includes a field mobile application that allows the qualified assessors to capture the important information required in the field in real time, and to send that information directly to the centralised online database. The beauty of this feature is that the reporting side of the project is done automatically using the OCTFOLIO Hazardous Material Information Management Software’s automated report generation.


This feature alone can save building owners and managers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. It also allows the building owners to define the information they want presented in the report in-house, prior to the inspection program being undertaken. In addition, this process also removes costly data entry errors, ensures continuity of the documentation and recommendations and streamlines the entire reporting process.