How to Control Asbestos in the Workplace

Asbestos in Building

How to Control Asbestos in the Workplace

Ok, so you have an Asbestos Register as well as an Asbestos Management Plan.

It’s time to put it into practice and Control Asbestos in the Workplace.

Your job is really to reduce the risk as much as practicable – ideally this means eliminating asbestos from the workplace entirely.

When choosing the most appropriate control measure, the following hierarchy of controls must be considered:

  • eliminating the risk (for example, removing the asbestos)
  • substituting for the risk, isolating the risk or applying engineering controls (for example,
  • enclosing, encapsulation, sealing or using certain tools)
  • using administrative controls (for example, safe work practices)
  • using PPE.

A combination of these controls may be required in order to adequately manage and control
asbestos or ACM.

When it comes to Asbestos Containing Materials, it’s a good idea not to scratch the surface. But when it comes to learning how best to control it in the workplace, well that’s when it’s definitely worth diving in a bit deeper.

For an in depth understanding of how best to approach this, refer to the Code of Practice published by the Office of Industrial Relations, Workplace Health & Safety Queensland or the relevant code of practice in your jurisdiction.

If you need help, consider speaking with specialists in Asbestos management like Octief.

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